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Originally Posted by antych View Post
Yes, it's a niche technology and not exactly user friendly, so it takes some tinkering.

PC2 is easiest, it has overall best VR support. Everything should work right away.

AC wasn't built with VR in mind, so the menus aren't in VR. But as long as you pick VR as your display output, the game will switch to HMD as soon as the track loads. You may have to use your mouse to adjust setting and start the race, but after that it all works well.

ACC behaves like PC2, you can launch it as a SteamVR game and it works in menus.

Dirt Rally supports VR as well.
I figured out how to get AC to work. It is super buggy, but I love driving my M4 in that game. It actually feels a lot like when I'm on the track with mine!

Thanks for all the help!