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Originally Posted by antych View Post
That can happen for few reasons. You could be super sensitive to motion sickness and will never be comfortable with VR. For some it may take some time to get used to. I was uncomfortable with it for maybe first 15min when I tried it first time, but later on I could spend hours in it. Your set up could be the problem. If the frame rate drops, or tracking isn't accurate and there's disconnect between what's on the screen and your head movements, you will get sick.

It's really important to to maintain high and steady frame rate with VR. Even if you're averaging 90fps but have frequent frame drops you will suffer. There is some mitigation like asynchronous spacewarp in oculus which helps to fill in gaps, but that's last resort and can still make you uncomfortable.

That's one of the reasons why VR is so demanding on hardware. You not only need enough GPU power to run it, but it needs some headroom to allow for dips in frame rate.
I got the Reverb today. It's pretty great, though a major pain to get working.

I've got iRacing kind of working, but AC will not work at all in Steam. PC2 looks like it's the only racing game that supports the Reverb?