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Originally Posted by antych View Post
Pimax isn't really 8K, it's BS marketing. It's only 25601440 per eye, upscaled to 4K. 4K per eye = 8K according to Pimax, but because it's upscaled and stretched over wider fov it will probably look much worse than Reverb. It's a niche product, so you're risking more in terms of support and compatibility. There isn't really anything better than Reverb, and even if it was, the most powerful GPU on the market wouldn't be able to run it. ACC can runs fairly well on 2080Ti in 4K 60fps, but 8K is actually 4 times that resolution (pixel count) and VR is usually 90fps, that's 6x times the processing power required. There's no hardware in existence that can run it, and we won't see true 8K VR in many years to come, as GPUs tend to improve by about 50% each cycle which typically lasts 2 years.
I am not sure you are correct there. Perhaps my computer is not currently capable of outputting max resolution, but I can't see how it would not do a better job of displaying the same res as the HP Reverb. I would also be able to upgrade in the future when PC hardware starts to catch up?