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Originally Posted by Kev608 View Post
That HP Reverb has pretty terrible reviews?

This one especially concerns me:

I have tried the Valve Index and now the HP Reverb, and I'm sad to say that VR is not there yet. I have a brand new PC with an I7 & 2080 Ti with the latest drivers, and the games that I'm expecting to see run decently (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2), are just not optimized for VR yet.

"Even though it's advertised as a 2K screen, the quality is just not there yet when compared to my monitor or OLED screen. I'm not by any means trying to compare the two as my expectations were set that this was going to be a much lower resolution and it's sacrificed against the VR immersion, but half of the time the guy would not even run correctly and had to be reset. "

I should also point out that my Xbox and PC are connected to my 77" LG OLED TV. So, VR probably wouldn't give me the same graphics performance?
Those comments are true for VR in general, not the Reverb, which is actually one of the highest resolution HMDs.

There's no way you can get monitor/tv quality graphics in VR. The field of view is so big that you would need 8k per eye or something like that and there's no PC that can handle that.

That person seems a bit overcritical of VR and a bit clueless/naive. It's a trade off. You sacrifice image clarity for immersion. One isn't necessarily better than the other. Sitting on your couch in front of an OLED tv is more comfortable and the image is better. But you're driving while looking through a window, everything is off, field of view, all the references aren't like real life. VR makes you feel like you're actually sitting in the car, it's much easier to put good times in, because you can judge distances better, look to apex etc. It's an experience on a completely different level.

It depends what you care more about. If it's realism and immersion, nothing beats VR, even though you lose a lot of the image fidelity.

I used to have Oculus Rift and after using it for a while, I actually preferred to play those games on my OLED TV, because Rift was a first gen product, and had really low resolution. It was just borderline acceptable for me, so most of the time I didn't bother.

Since I have Reverb, if I'm serious about racing and realism, I will use that instead. It's a lot better, to a point where it's a lot more acceptable. Although a lot of people are happy with the lower resolution headsets like rift and vive. It really depends on the person.

Your 77" tv is still 4k, size doesn't matter, just the resolution. If you can run 4k at 60fps, then you can VR. You can always adjust the amount of super sampling, so you can run something like AC at higher resolution, but with ACC you will have to lower it, losing some clarity to get 90fps.

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