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Extended warranties are not cheap for this car if they actually cover anything. Do not consider one out of warranty without purchasing an extended warranty unless you are capable and prepared (not the same thing) to do all maintenance and repairs yourself. Most people (myself included) who find the older, higher mile M5s in their price range are not 'prepared' to take those on themselves. SMG pumps are a common failure item and about $2600 in parts alone. Clutches wear out (you don't get to choose babying it with SMG) and aren't cheap for parts either. Also, occasional VANOS problems simliar to E46 M3s.

Having said all that, I just purchased an '06 with 60k on the clock and got an exclusionary warranty through AmTrust, a company with a known (good) E60 M5 reputation. It wasn't cheap though, added about 20% to the price of the car for 4years/40k miles.

Whatever warranty company you choose, make sure it is an "exclusionary" warranty.