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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
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The ND Miata did it. It's 100 pounds heavier than the original, has a ton more airbags, stronger door bars, pedestrian safety features, a back up camera, stability control, a modicum of roll over protection, etc. It's even a good bit cheaper in inflation adjusted terms.

Comparing a Mk4 or Mk5 GTI to a Mk7 or Mk8 actually nets you a few hundred pounds of weight savings. Not all cars have porked up.
I didn't say all cars have porked up.

I was pointing out, that outside of enthusiasts, most people don't care if cars continue to get bigger and heavier. That's why I used the example of a Camry. There is no incentive for manufacturers to do so on appliances, what Mazda did with the Miata.
Which is why I also pointed out the Golf. It's an appliance, but much better received when it's lighter. The Mk5 is generally seen as the low point and it's also the heaviest.

Our F30 was a terrible car, but being fat was a primary reason we don't have a BMW anymore. Their unchecked weight gain has really been horrible.

But yes, the average consumer DGAF, hence X7's, M SUV's and all sorts of huge trucks and SUV's being best sellers.