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actually T.50 shows all the manufacturers that we can still have lightweight cars.. 980kg on T.50 and another such a great car LaFerrari is 1600kg almost.. its a crazy difference..

That has never been the issue. Of course manufacturers can still make lightweight cars. I think using a $3 million super car with an essentially a road legal carbon fiber safety cell as the cockpit is a poor comparison.

But to meet the increasing demand for amenities in even entry level cars and dramatically more strict crash ratings, they only way is to use expensive materials.

And I'm sure the average middle-class family who aren't enthusiasts don't care about their Camry being $15k more expensive to weigh 300 lbs less.
The ND Miata did it. It's 100 pounds heavier than the original, has a ton more airbags, stronger door bars, pedestrian safety features, a back up camera, stability control, a modicum of roll over protection, etc. It's even a good bit cheaper in inflation adjusted terms.

Comparing a Mk4 or Mk5 GTI to a Mk7 or Mk8 actually nets you a few hundred pounds of weight savings. Not all cars have porked up.