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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
Answering this question honestly - i truly am not sure what ‘happy in my job’ is.

I am good at my job, and i’m pretty secure and respected within my organization. I know my work is important and my company makes me feel that it (and i) are valued. Finally, i make a great wage and it keeps me in a lifestyle i’m happy with.

But i don’t love my job. It doesn’t inspire a feeling that i would define as happiness. What i’m really happy about is that it pays me well, and i don’t have to do it for unacceptably long hours...and that my income pays for me to do the things that do give me happiness.

But i don’t LOVE my work or get excited about coming to the office or any of that “luuurv what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” bullshit. I kinda think that we do ourselves a disservice in expecting that in our lives, to be honest.

So i don’t know, am i happy in my current job? What’s the definition?
I don't think that concept of loving what you do and never working a day in your life really exists. You can really like your job, but no job is 100% free of stress. I have a few friends who own successful businesses doing what they love, but there is still stress in owning a business and managing a work/life balance, even though their actual work is something they love to do.

Liking what you do, having a good work/life balance, and being financially stable enough where you aren't a slave to your job seems to be the best combination.