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Originally Posted by ntgarage44 View Post
I was taught to always make sure the house is paid off as soon as possible. Until then, nothing else matters besides food and health insurance. The last thing you want to be is homeless from not being able to cover your mortgage and car payment.

The best things in life take time. Use that 10 grand to help pay off your mortgage, as well as the other 30+ you were going to spend on the car. Until your Camry is broken, you don't need a new car.

Be patient. Get yourself into a financial situation where the house and car you own are actually yours, not the bank's. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, and a roof over your head is boring now, but a hell of a lot better than a reposessed m3 if ends can't be met later.
Real estate really isn’t as good an investment compared to the stock market. The market, without really trying will consistently beat a house purchase. Plus the days of buying a home, expecting to live in it the rest of your days, making owning a home in retirement, a much less likely scenario. It’s better to rent since you aren’t straddled with house repairs and other expenses each month. What you pay is what you pay and you aren’t concerned with the value of the home fluctuating.