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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
What are you saying....politicians break promises? This can't be true.

I think you need to read more on how the carbon tax works. 90% of the tax collected will be rebated back to consumers, 10% is used to administer the program so it is revenue neutral to the government.
If you believe government then, they may run the program as laid out. However, my experience with government is that they can't do anything for the amount they project, so based on everything they have done I can almost guarantee that the 10% to administer is about half what it will really cost. Second, when government starts getting new money coming in they tend to piss it away as it will go to general coffers. (all funds do)

The other thing I will say and that seems to get glossed over is that cost of everything is going up, it has to. Trucking companies will have their costs go up, no subsidy for them. They can't reduce their cost as the business model requires them to use fossil fuels, the increase is getting passed down to the consumer.

There is no way the notion that Prime Minister Dress Up keeps pushing is that the pressure will force businesses to reduce carbon use, I'm going to suggest that most business don't have that option, they sure won't absorb the cost so it means their prices go up as do the prices of everything that comes on a truck. Which is every thing. The "pollution fee" will drive the cost of fuel up at least 5% to start and will likely go higher so expect the cost of living to go up.

But lets all hope you're right and that Trudeau keeps this promise because his track record to date sucks.