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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
Ok, lets leave the budget out of the discussion, however I think trust has to be factored in and that's a real problem given the lies and broken promises from this PM and his government. I don't trust him on any of this. The deficit was supposed to be balanced next year with only modest increases to the deficit the last two years. The deficit is through the roof, and the budget won't be balanced for 27 years now. He is a liar, plan and simple so why do you and why should any one else believe a damn thing he's said about the carbon tax. It's a tax, by definition it won't be revenue neutral.
What are you saying....politicians break promises? This can't be true.

I think you need to read more on how the carbon tax works. 90% of the tax collected will be rebated back to consumers, 10% is used to administer the program so it is revenue neutral to the government.