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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
I guess this is a wait and see. My hope is that this will spur innovation in Canada and we will be in a position to export our green energy solutions to other countries in the future.

This is well documented. 90% of the tax will be returned to the consumer in the form of rebates. 10% is required to administer the program. The government nets 0 from this.

Lets not distract from the topic at hand with the budget, however while we are on this topic, I suspect the budget will be well balanced with the tax revenue collected from cannabis sales....another one of those wait and sees.
Ok, lets leave the budget out of the discussion, however I think trust has to be factored in and that's a real problem given the lies and broken promises from this PM and his government. I don't trust him on any of this. The deficit was supposed to be balanced next year with only modest increases to the deficit the last two years. The deficit is through the roof, and the budget won't be balanced for 27 years now. He is a liar, plan and simple so why do you and why should any one else believe a damn thing he's said about the carbon tax. It's a tax, by definition it won't be revenue neutral.