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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
It will be interesting to see what plan Scheer has to address the carbon tax. As of now he has nothing.
So Canada produces about 1.6% of global GHG and the forests consume more than we produce so were already at negative. Ontario has reduced it's GHG emissions by 22% through the illumination of coal fired generator, and was replaced by the Green Energy Act (solar and wind power power generation), which effectively drove the cost of hydro in Ontario up so that it's higher than anywhere else in North America and likely close to the most expensive globally, effectively imposing a significant "green energy tax" on us. So why the hell does Prime Minister Dress Up need to tax us further. It is crystal clear that this tax is going to drive up the cost of every single consumer good, so the offset rebate will not cover the increase in the cost of living. This tax is a punishment for things that the consumer has no control over.

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