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Mt. Gox just filed for bankruptcy protection today.

BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox said Friday it was filing for bankruptcy protection after losing almost 750,000 of its customers' bitcoins, marking the collapse of a marketplace that once dominated trading in the virtual currency.

The company said it also lost around 100,000 of its own bitcoins. Together, the lost bitcoins would be worth approximately $473 million at market prices charted by the CoinDesk bitcoin index...
Don't worry though, according to Kmarei:
Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
if you read
it hasn't disappeared into thin air
when the site returns the bitcoins will still be there
they had issues with their transfer system, and some users were abusing that to profit
so they shut it down to figure out what the issue was
and they will be back
You still sure about that smart guy?
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