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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
Other than #1 - show me some commonality between known shooters and your other "suggestions" and you might have a point.

A school being a "gun free" zone or not has no bearing. Teachers would still have to be authorized by the school to have firearms present in the buildings. "Gun free" zones don't apply to LEOs or security officers. Many sites of mass shootings aren't "gun free".

Bad parenting is not a new phenomenon, but mass shootings are (comparatively).

What are "Christian values"? Does that mean no Christians commit acts of violence? Is this a prologue to a "No True Scotsman" argument?
The issue here is obviously culture. If you think children having unlimited access to the internet is not affecting them, we have nothing to talk about. I was born in 1990, this is my generation I'm talking about. As a child/adolescent, I searched for anything and everything you can imagine once I had access to the internet. I can recall several instances of what I found there that had a huge influence on me as a kid. Luckily I was grounded in my Christian beliefs which helped.

The problem is too far gone at this point. Best solution is to say fuck public schooling and have the private sector develop a robust home-school system where parents can both keep their kids safe and prevent them from being forced into state-mandated propaganda.
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