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Originally Posted by Dogeeseegod View Post
If my country were falling apart and there were violence in the streets, I would move my family to the safest country that we could get into. Especially one that has made efforts to offer asylum to people in those exact circumstances. I would carry them 1000 miles to see them safe. A little empathy can go a long way.
if a homeless person and or family snuck into your house and just decided to stay there because their quality of life is horrible would let them stay or would you notify the authorities and have them help the individuals find the appropriate place to stay legally? i do not have any issues with individuals or families here coming legally and applying for citizenship or seeking asylum without gaming the system. my issue lies with people illegally entering or abusing the system through loopholes or other avenues which takes away from individuals who may need it more or benefit from these resources. not just at the southern border but nationally and from any country where individuals like this hail from.

Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
When people complain about drugs coming across the border, it's absolutely correct to counter with the facts. They don't come across the unwalled border in any significant amount.
okay, i am making an economic case in addition to addressing domestic issues for our citizens before lending a helping hand to individuals that enter illegally.

Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
You're so concerned with the costs yet throwing money at a wall is ok, a wall that will have a negligible effect.
i believe the left says that if banning guns saves one life then it is worth it. if putting up a wall deters one illegal then it is worth it. no?

Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
Illegal immigration is down. It has been. Look at the numbers from 2000 then look at the recent years from the CBP itself. It's a self proclaimed emergency/invasion that doesn't hold up to any scrutiny. But hey, gotta keep the base happy.
why wasn't it immoral,racist or xenophobic when hillary, schumer, pelosi and bo were against illegal immigration and for deportation and physical barriers? secondly, what about the other links that i show stating it is at 10yr highs. even npr and nyt are stating 76k people entered illegally in one month alone and the border cannot handle this.

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