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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
Do you have kids?

What happens if your wife/GF bears a child that is severely handicapped?.....
I have to ask.
Are you German? Or a German citizen?

I ask not because of the autobahn example, but even while reading the early part of your response, I pictured you as German by your views.

I lived 10 years in Germany (2002-2012), and my wife is German, my son is (obviously) half German. In those 10 years I went from hating how things worked, to honestly seeing the benefit of the social systems (I still hate the finanzamt).

While there are definitely HUGE positives and negatives in the differences between our societies, I came back to the U.S. with a mix of "common sense" ideals that shaped my political opinion. The problem I see, is that our government programs are so sown into our culture and state of being that there is no way to effectively implement say universal healthcare or a high tax rate like Germany, regardless of the benefit to society.

One example is prostitution.
The right wants freedom at all costs (2A is strangely the loudest topic), but also still wants to govern or restrict things that don't align with conservative views, like prostitution, abortion, drugs, etc.
Whereas in Europe, prostitution is viewed legal-wise the same as working at McDonalds.

It's a sad conclusion to come to, as I love the states for certain reasons, and of course love Germany for others, but when I'm honest with myself, I feel that my family would have a better life in Germany health wise, education wise, socially, and professionally.

When you have experienced both ways of life as a working adult with a family, houses, etc, it really puts things in perspective and eliminates the "us vs them" mentality. I see positives and negatives in both parties policies.


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