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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
But I thought most of the money in healthcare doesn't goto doctors it goes to insurance companies and private companies. So when you say healthcare for all we are saying stop giving money to insurance companies and give more poor ppl healthcare with they money. I know doctors in damage make the same as here so they are happy. Main problem is we give away soo much money to an insurance company for what?? So someone with no medical training who pushes papers can tell me what test I'm allowed to get?

I don't think the doctors go away or the govt says you can't chose a doctor since they still need the doctors. It's all the rich and shady insurance companies we don't need.

But insurance companies give so much money to political parties so crazy republicans will protect them
you need to check on your facts a little.

majority of the money in the healthcare industry is going to the companies that provide the drugs and devices used, and a good chunk to the facilities (ex hospital)

One of the reason these costs have gotten to where they are, is because we have turned into a sue happy society. the $$ amount paid has been on the steady incline. over a 1/3 of all DRs have been sued, and over half of older surgeons (55+) have been sued. most big pharma companies have paid out millions in lawsuits. Malpractice insurance isnt cheap, and that cost gets pushed down the line until the consumer pays the price.

People always like to blame the insurance companies, but fail to realize they are a small piece of it.
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