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Originally Posted by ****** View Post
Why arenít all you good hard working people from elsewhere transforming your own countries into something that suits you instead of coming here?
I've sent more money to my country working here than I could ever hope to make there. So it's win-win.
The blood of our ancestors created this country... you leave yours.
This would be an appropriate comment if it were made by that ancestor who spilled their own blood (and I'm really hoping they didn't do it while killing Native Americans). Since you're not your ancestor, all you're doing here is demanding respect for the sacrifices made by others. But you aren't entitled to it just because your name sounds English or Irish or Italian (btw: guess which two would be the "wrong" ones if we had this conversation 100 years ago). You only get it if you work hard, are good to your neighbor, pay your taxes, and Make America Better. Your name doesn't matter. Your god (if you have it at all) doesn't matter. How you ended up here doesn't matter.