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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
I should be getting my 7T62-0GM0 back from Seiko service this week.

Took it in to get the battery replaced at the local jeweler and got it back and none of the features would work.

That got me curious about the workings in the watch and found that you can purchase the 7T62 movement. So, I picked up a broke 7T62-0AM0 fairly cheap and going to buy a movement and R&R the watch.
So, got my 0GM0 (SNA765) back from Seiko... stopwatch and alarm worked... nothing else worked. Called them and sent it back again.

But on the 0AM0 (SNA061P1)... success! Bought the movement, tore the watch apart, put the face and hands over onto the new movement, put it back in the housing, programmed the zero point on the hands and had the seconds hand of the stopwatch fall off. Took it back apart and fixed the seconds hand. Re-assembled and programmed all the hands. Works like a charm!
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