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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
These guys just dont get it. You are on point 100% with the mining. I am educating myself about it right now and cant wait to get my first set of systems up in running. There is nothing I love more than making technology work for me. Keep doing what your doing, and I look forward to seeing a post of your future fleet of M cars on this same post letting us know you made it
Yeah we don't get it. BitCoin hit $450 last night, (recovered a little bit to $503), but still down. One of the largest BitCoin exchanges in the world is insolvent and took $350,000,000 of BitCoin with it. It's founder has disappeared.

Hope none of our local "investors" got burned.

I still look forward to seeing your guys "fleet" of M-Cars, and letting us know how rich you guys made it.
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