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This is a interesting topic and subject matter.

I believe I commented several pages prior. But I will chime in again...

This truly comes down to personal preference if ever there was one! So I like watches and have @ 16. The most expensive being @ $2500. Ironically, I got it over 20yrs ago. A RADO: Tungsten Carbide with 14k Gold accents. I haven't worn that watch in over a decade. But it's still a very nice watch. My go to these days are 1 of the 5 NIXON 51-30 I own. They are totally my style! Big and Bold and Heavy! I also have a couple of Invictas (none are replicas of other brands) and a nice Casio solar and then some others. They are all between $100 - $700.
There is only one expensive IMO watch I've been interested in over the years: Breitling Navitimer Chrono that costs @ $5-$7k. I could have bought it and still can. But probably never will. Why? Watches don't have the type of value (not to be confused with bargain) that say, nice Furniture, my Home Theater equipment, or even Wheels on my cars hold for me.
Example: we've been in our new house now for about 1.5yrs. One of my first purchases was a $5k full leather cigar sofa and matching chair $2k.
I then bought a Italian leather modular sectional for our Home Theater for another $5k.
Heck, the furniture and decor in my Lounge is another $10k. Of course my master bedroom is pretty lavish as well. So it really is all about how and where you choose to spend your $$$$.
I feel like if I were to get that Breitling or some other high dollar watch, it simply would not give me the value or usage I want personally.
On the subject of replica watches. I personally would not think any less of anyone choosing to buy and wear them. I haven't and wouldn't. But that's only because I'm really not a fan of expensive watches in general. Hopefully I explained this in the way I attempted.