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Originally Posted by TheYoungConnoisseur View Post
if I HAD to decided id rather have a...
10k watch & 10k car than a 20k car
20k watch & 20k car than a 40k car
30k watch & 40k car than a 70k car
after the 25-30k price point you drop to outrageously diminishing rate of return on watch quality and material/complication where as the 40-50k car price point is the tipping zone from upper mediocre used stuff to excellent 65k+ price point cars.
Very interesting perspective.

Funny thing too is that when you buy a new car, you pretty much lose a nice watch in depreciation very quickly.

Even if I bought a Honda civic, drove it for 5 years, I lost a rolex worth of depreciation. But if I bought a 5 year old civic and a rolex, and "lost" about the same over X years, people would think I have poor priorities hahaha.