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Well usually that's too true but in this case we literally cannot afford healthcare waste anymore don't you think so? So it's natural that anyone who gets older and goes thru the cost of healthcare system right now realizes it's too out of control. If you are young or still healthy maybee you don't realize how bad it is. You must agree that when you see a doctor he gets less then 8% of the money for your visit is totally insane
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Iíve known several private practice physicians and I can say with confidence that after paying their rent, utilities, insurance, staff, and ancillary costs (supplies, disposal, legal and accounting, collections/charge-offs, software, etc) it should be no surprise that they personally see well less than half of the amount billed, assuming Medicare or private insurance pays the stated price (they donít). Whether it is as low as 8%, I donít know.
I don't think 8% is all that far off. I'll have to run the numbers for my wife's practice and see. People forget that the doctor is the only one in the office that actually brings in any money. Everything and everyone else is a parasite. For many years my wife's front desk girl took home more money at the end of the month than my wife did.
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