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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped former President Barack Obama in an interview published Friday, belittling his "pretty face" and saying his agenda of hope and change was an illusion. It's time she gets her own sorta Hits & Misses thread. This could be fun.

Update - Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke called Omar “the most important members” in Congress. Yes, Omar has received the endorsement of a white nationalist most likely due to her hatred of Israel and Jews. That’s the far left.

Note anything a tad odd after this Duke endorsement. There was zero media coverage, whereas Trump is besieged whenever these clowns talk about him.

Also, it would appear as if CNN has zero stories about Duke and Omar. Want to guess how many are about Trump and Duke on the site?

This pretty much cancels out the shoddy narrative that Trump is somehow a white nationalist because some cuckoo said a nice thing about him. The same standard does apply. Of course, Omar isn’t a member or supporter of the KKK, but these are their rules, folks. They get away with murder.
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