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my first speeding ticket.

the day after i got my 2006 325i.
i was on I-95 Highway going around 120mph and there was a state trooper car in middle of the road in grass. (completely stopped sideways)
which looks like he is looking for speeders.
so as soon as i saw him i hit the brake.
which probably didn't do much, but he didn't follow me or even moved.

so that was not my first ticket.
i'm glad it wasn't my first ticket, and i'll probably never do that again.

my first ticket is going 56mph on 35mph zone.
not that fast but costed me $360 to get me a lawyer to take care of it.
the lawyer knew the owner of the bmw dealership.
so he gave him a call and told me to go to him and have the car caliberated.
so i did.
and i don't know what happened.
what does having the car caliberated mean??????
the lawyer wouldn't tell me.
he just told me "don't worry about it"