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Does INPA work on 2009 535i?

Hey folks, I'm trying to find a good software diagnostics program to run on my 2009 535i (E60). I'm new to the BMW world, only having purchased this car a couple months ago. Since then, I've loved it so much, I bought my wife a Z4 to match!

When I bought the car it had a misfiring cylinder 1 that turned out to just be a bad coil pack. Since then, I've changed out the valve cover gasket, replaced the transmission pan, gasket and oil, and a few other minor things.

I still get occasional "weirdness" like the tranny feeling like it wants to gear down while I'm cruising about 60, also the occasional misfire, etc.

So, to the question... what is the best, current analysis software I can use with the K+DCAN cable on this car?