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I should have expanded on the anti car / demonization of cars point, Joe Biden isn't really doing it. Here's what I mean:

State transportation departments need to give up on cars ... Maryland’s plan to expand its highways is part of a troubling pattern

To build the cities of the future, we must get out of our cars

America's Cities Are Still Too Afraid to Make Driving Unappealing

This writer is criticizing Bernie Sanders for promoting electric vehicles and not reducing car usage.

Each day that we continue to prioritize cars means more Americans will be displaced from their homes, diagnosed with chronic respiratory disease, or killed in traffic collisions so our communities can accommodate more vehicles. And even if all those vehicles are electric, they’ll still emit dangerous particulate matter, creating lifelong health issues for people who live near wide, busy roadways.
I am too lazy to add the sub-article links that went missing, but there is basically another anti-car article every other line in there.

Maybe I'm imagining things and this is all talk from a very small minority, but I have started to see a lot of these attitudes be put into practice in California. Perhaps it's a much smaller issue in the rest of the country.

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