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  1. New forum for the XI owners?
  2. Suspension??
  3. Big Brake Kits
  4. 335xi is faster than the 335i
  5. Snow Story Anyone?
  6. Xi Technical Information
  7. official: all wheel drive and staggered Offsets
  8. xi videos
  9. H&R coilovers
  10. 2009 BMW 335d and X5 xDrive 35d * Diesel? *
  11. DSC
  12. Is the rear on the Xi higher than on the i??
  13. Notice: Uuc Ssk Does Not Fit 335xi
  14. UUC Motorwerks XI Sway Barbarians!
  15. Pics of my 335Xi with KW V3s
  16. How to get better handling? Using non-staggered setup?
  17. pics of my xi with KWv3's
  18. Going with coilover soon, what rims spec should i get if i want to go 20"?
  19. funny squeak going over some bumps, please help out
  20. Review: UUC SwayBarbarian Rear Sway Bar xi
  21. Wheel size?
  22. What Dinan products are available...
  23. Any reviews H&R Coilovers for e92 xi?
  24. I love this new topic!
  25. Who has the most powerful XI?
  26. Anyone tried new Pulstar Pulse Sparkplug ?
  27. Bilstein Shocks for xi?
  28. center jack point
  29. Driving with DTC no DSC
  30. xi Drive Shaft/Oil Pan Leak
  31. Clutch Delay Valve for the XI
  32. Finally a XI section.....330xi on H&R springs and non ZSP shocks
  33. Gas Milage
  34. Riss Racing Catless Downpipes.
  35. Newbie question - tires and wheels
  36. HELP PLEASE -- PROS and CONS of Xi OVER i
  37. Please help need part # for BMW short throw shifter kit
  38. 335xi vs. Evo vs. STI
  39. 19s on e92 xi stock suspension
  40. XI Dyno Preparation
  42. If anyone cares, heres a vid of me at my last dyno visit
  43. Impressed at gas mileage of my 2008 335xi
  44. KW V3 same for e90 and e92????
  45. Strut Brace OEM vs Aftermarket
  46. are these problems or is it normal w/ the xi?
  47. Springs with Stock Shocks
  48. Newbie Question Again!
  49. Recommend exhaust tip for 325xi ??
  50. KW Coilovers for the BMW XI UPDATE--LINK IN HERE
  51. Choice of tires for 335 XI...help !
  52. Installation cost for KW V3?
  53. Front Strut and chassis braces available for XI
  54. Who owns a 325xi ?
  55. KW V3s almost here
  56. are they good cars?
  57. Any real difference in 91 and 93 octane ?
  58. 2006 325xi owners changed their wheels?
  59. bmw having problems with automatic
  60. KW V3 settings...335xi
  61. engine problems with 2005-2006 BMW X5 3.0i?
  62. Any e90's change their cold air intake ?
  63. 335xi PROcede V3, catless, dual cone intake + 100octane = ........
  64. My "Home-made M3xi"
  65. took my 335xi coupe to the track
  66. Anyone taking their XI to the track?
  67. 335xi coupe 130 limited?
  68. "i" exhaust on an xi
  69. 335xi + KW v.3 = FANTASTIC
  70. XI winter tire help
  71. anyone with an XI and a SSTT?
  72. **News**UUC Sway Bars for E90/E91/E92/E93 XI Models
  73. doing donuts on xi mess up car?
  74. SupremePower looking for a local Xi for Brembo to use for measurement!!
  75. Took my XI to the track
  76. Launching the XI.....
  77. Some Basic Questions Re 335xi
  78. UUC Short Shift Kit review for XI's
  79. e92 328xi clunking
  80. Anyone tried 255 tires in front?
  81. 18" CSL on 330XI w/ KW V3 (meh quality)
  82. XI tire size - room for error?
  83. Swaybar special of interest to Xi owners...
  84. STILL no NEW suspension setups for the XI
  85. Bouncy ride at high speed.!
  86. 335xi AA processor and AA exhaust at track.
  87. Winter Drivers - what's on your 18s?
  88. M Aerodynamic Kit 335xi (Pics)
  89. Snows or All Seasons on XI with 18s possible?
  90. What is your winter setup? powdercoating stock wheels/what tires?
  91. Why aren't the M Sport wheels listed for Xi models?
  92. Took my Xi to Watkins Glen this weekend
  93. 335 sport suspension work on xi?
  94. All season performance or performance winter tires for my XI this winter?
  95. New SHOCK option for XI owners!!!
  96. 330xi vs 08 C300
  97. what AS tires come on the stock 17"?
  98. Best performance tire setup for 335xi on stock 162
  99. staggered
  100. 205's or 225's for winter
  101. 335xi rims and tires
  102. xDrive naming for 2009 models
  103. I am looking for a 17 inch staggered wheel set
  104. Looking for a shop to install my KW V3s on my XI?
  105. Anyone have the H&R Coilovers?
  106. Anyone use spacers on XI?
  107. Quote on KW V3
  108. Another XI Coilover Solution?
  109. X-Drive- How much more wheel gap then a 335i
  110. does BMW Performance SSK works on xi?
  111. 328xi wheel options / interchangability with other BMW wheels
  112. Tire Replacement
  113. AR 3" XI Downpipes Group Buy
  114. An Xdrive verses i: what will I lose?
  115. Making this car handle
  116. New KW v3s
  117. A bunch of goodies going onto the XI tomorrow
  118. Cross drilled / Slotted rotors
  119. Help with tires
  120. Uh oh! Tire Size - DSC/DTC
  121. How to calculate F/R wheel speed difference for a staggered setup
  122. will this work
  123. RIDE SWAP, not wife swap
  124. BMW Performance strut braces - not for XI?
  125. HELP!!!!!
  126. PSI and snows
  127. 320,900 Xdrive
  128. Does your Xi 6-speed transmission grind?
  129. 330xi tread wear....
  130. 328xi non sport handling vs 335xi sport handling?
  131. dtc engages alot after changing to winter tires?
  132. UUC sway bar noise issue?
  133. Blown Transfer Case
  134. Bilstein B6/B8 Struts/Shocks for XI!!!!
  135. Is this what XI handling feels like?
  136. Drive G35x getting new car in couple months
  137. xi and staggered wheels
  138. DESPERATELY need you stock DPs
  139. Getting Rid of RFT's
  140. Guys could this problem be the xdrive about to go?
  141. can i run staggerd 225s front 255 rear on a 335 xi coupe ?
  142. 2009 335i xdrive suspension question
  143. xDrive Technical Questions
  144. Warning: If you're considering purchasing new wheels/tires for the XI
  145. does an 08 335xi have an oilcooler stock
  146. HR sport springs
  147. 335XI HELP!
  148. AWD vs RWD (XI vs I)
  149. wheel and tire ? for xi
  150. FRONT STRUT BRACE on a 335xi
  151. KW V3 (xi) settings
  152. Dinan now has S-1 suspension for xi
  153. 2008 335 xi help with wheels
  154. Anyone Running Spacers with aftermarket wheels?
  155. 6 Speed AT grinds
  156. E46 to 335xi question
  157. raise rear h&r springs!!!!!!!! 1/2 a inch??
  158. Doing a little experiment for Xi owners...
  159. Any opinions on this rim setup?
  160. New tires- nice
  161. My First Upgrade... Could use some help
  162. 07 328XI Transmission Oil Change...
  163. ECU.... ?
  164. CDV Install Question
  165. '09 x-drive suspension
  166. Dinan Stage 2 and 3
  167. Konis and XI
  168. Transmission whine?
  169. Xdrive doesnt work in reverse...
  170. Coilover options
  171. anybody has OEM 190 wheel set on E92 xi?
  172. H&R Sport Pictures
  173. Amazing
  174. Driving this weekend, hit some ice - not front wheel is crooked
  175. 19" RFT options for staggered e90 xi setup
  176. 2006 325xi ground clearance?
  177. H&R vs KW V3 coilovers
  178. Xi Suspension--Options Summary & Dilemma
  179. Custom XI Front Tension Struts and Wishbones...
  180. Anyone switch from 17" to 18" wheels?
  181. m3 suspension part compatibility
  182. H&R sports on 328xi.. what to do to lower front a little more?
  183. upgrading from 17's to 19's
  184. **********s Sway bars ( actually UUC) anyone try?
  185. 335i xDrive Suspension Question? Help Please!
  186. suspension options? Callin XI Guys
  187. Kw V3's Installed
  188. SSK for 328xi
  189. Sway Bar Ratio
  190. What's the hardest someone has launched their XI?
  191. Results with UUC Swaybarbarian swaybars for XI
  192. Is it hip to be square?
  193. check engine light
  194. can is run 235/275 tires?
  195. E90 335xi can run 235 and 265 tires?
  196. KW v3 DIY?
  197. spacers ok for xi coupe?
  198. KW Variant 1 now available for xi models
  199. First Winter with the Xi
  200. Winter Setup for 335i Xdrive suggestions
  201. Question re installation of coilovers vs springs/shocks
  202. Top Speed limited with Xdrive?
  203. E90 325xi acceleration
  204. 328xi tires
  205. Help please T____T
  206. Quick question
  207. Front with H&R spring, rear stock!!! on XI
  208. What suspension are you on?
  209. Zsp's on xi
  210. can i run 245/40-18 all around on XI
  211. Compact Spare on xi
  212. KV V3 Problem
  213. Acceleration lag in 2007 328xi?
  214. ZSP vs non-ZSP suspension - possible difference
  215. Transfer case Question
  216. H&R Springs
  217. Steptronic Delay after braking, Just me?
  218. Does the widht of rim matter?
  219. 189 wheels for a 335 XI question..
  220. Staggered 19" style 230's on my E92 Xi
  221. A newbie interested in a Xi, a few questions
  222. H&R coilovers installed
  223. You all are like heroine
  224. New record at track tonight for the XI's !
  225. e90 xi or i springs?
  226. 19's and best % combination 225 fronts?
  227. Anyone have 18" same width set up on all 4's (E92Xi)? Pics?
  228. Impressions: '09 x-drive suspension
  229. eibach springs on an xi
  230. 335xi Jolts forward at light when cold
  231. 335xi Exhaust Options. Show me them.
  232. Lowering my XI- Help please
  233. Attention Coilover Owners - H&R / KW - Where did you order?
  234. 335Xi stainless steel brake line... still looking
  235. 335d w/ x-drive?
  236. xDrive Suspension Compatibility List
  237. Which Springs?
  238. 335xi coupe weight?
  239. BMW tire rant (x-drive w/ summer tires)
  240. 162s and OEM RFTs on a 328xi
  241. Need Help...with wheels.
  242. Help with tires and wheels? i hate xi
  243. Dinan Suspension?
  244. Can't seem to find a show me your 18's on XI anywhere??
  245. modding a 2006 325xi
  246. H&R coilovers for the win
  247. Any KW V1 Installs for the XI Yet?
  248. Help me mod my first car 325xi
  249. Help me decide which wheels to get (please!)
  250. Will these ACS RIMS fit the 335xi Coupe?