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**** UPDATE *****

Thanks Jasper, I was referred to that also... going to get some input from there also.

I took my vehicle into the dealership this morning. Of course the battery was dead so I had to jump start it and the steering was TIGHT, apparently the servotronic (or whatever is handling the steering was out, probably from battery being dead). I still managed to get to the dealership where they said the servotronic was malfunctioning. They did fix the recalled brake pump situation. They said my terminal was lose and that might fix some of my issues. After picking it up, the car is running fine (for now), the steering wasn't tight like when I drove it in this morning, so that is back. But iDrive is still not running and I'm sure the issue the battery will keep draining. The did give me a laundry list of things they found that needs to be fixed. I'm going to try to get that list and see whats most urgent and get second estimates on them..

So for my next posting, I'm going to try to find any recommendations for a mechanic here in Houston that can run tests and see what if anything is wrong with my iDrive system. I'm sure there is a way to find out if its one component or several. I'm hoping the former of course. I'll go to the dealership as last option but I'm worried they are just going to overlook it and say the whole iDrive system needs to be replaced (all components).