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Things are finally moving forward. Lets just say bmw is no help at all. Lots of hand ringing and bull$h1t answers to direct questions. I wonder if Jim O'Donnell, the president of BMW USA knows how this stuff gets handled. Lets just say that the performance of the local dealer and BMW USA customer service is not what builds the confidence of the enthusiast market, evidently they don't really give a $h!t.

Anyway enough ranting, the guys at have been much more reasonable to deal with than BMW USA and the local dealer Swope BMW.They are actually trying to be helpful. BMW USA and Swope could take a page out of their book. The have agreed to pay their portion of the repair so I am finally getting on with it. I am looking for a motor now and Autobahn BMW Louisville will do the work. Wish me luck. Autobahn BMW Louisville has been nothing short of spectacular to work with, these guys are great.