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Tapping BMW

Originally Posted by BMW BRAD View Post
Wow..... It sounds like you handled things the way I would have, I have to say it kinda sounds like the run around! I would try to write them again and state the fact that you are an active member of a few prominent BMW forums, and as much as you dont want to, you may have to display your dis-satisfaction with BMW NA and their lack of concern for a unsatisfied client! You might mention that these negative comments could spread like wildfires...... Man, I feel for you..... as much as I have been a loyal BMW fanatic, I am disappointed at the way they have treated you! Let us know what happens! Good luck, Brad

Thanks for the advice, its a bit challenging to keep a sense of humor about this. I contacted BMW North America again on Thursday. Still waiting for a response. Hopefully they will choose to help with this situation.