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Should A 545i Motor Last Longer Than 68k?

My 545i has badly scored cylinder wall in cylinder 6. This problem started making a slight ticking noise at about 53K and has gradually gotten worse. The tapping noise is now so loud that I am afraid to use the car. It does make a nice driveway ornament though.

The dealer and BMWNA are not willing to help with the repair costs. There reasoning is that I have a third party warranty. This warranty covers 50% of the repair. Swope BMW gave me a conservative quote to repair the car of $16,000 and said it will probably be more. So if the warranty company pays half and that leaves at least 8K that bmw feels no need to help with.
The only person that seems to give a $h!t is a local independent repair place here in louisville called Autobahn BMW. They have been absolutely awesome while quickly diagnosing the problem.

Can anyone explain to me why a 50/50 third party warranty means that BMW can wash their hands of a problem that shouldn't have happened to a car of this caliber?

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