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Originally Posted by FrothE90 View Post
So you a had a choice to buy a current M5 and chose a 335 over it? wtf?
Excuse me? Comments like that are obnoxious and simple minded. First, Warren Buffet and his $50 billion drove a 1970something Volvo until a few years ago when he upgraded to a 2002 Lincoln Town Car...

Second, I like the "modability" of the 335 over the M5, not to mention its size and two doors. While the M5/6 is a fabulous car I prefer to enjoy the pride of building my car to higher performance levels versus going to the dealership and buying it. The 335 offers a much better platform for this. With the modest amount of time and money I've spent on my 335 I can outperform a M5 on a track or in a straight line, let alone the new M3. After installing my custom valved coilovers I was so fast at the last autocross that people looked at my times and thought I was running full race slicks! If you need proof that its faster in a straight line feel free to search for "walked U's" posted video's showing him passing modified M5's in his 335 sedan. (I have a similar setup with more to come)

So yes, I had the ability to buy a new M5 and chose a 335 coupe. Considering what I wanted out of the car, the only reason for me to have bought the M5 is if I was part of the "my-car-has-a-bigger-number-and-costs-more-than-yours-so-im-better-than-you" crowd that so permeates your locale.

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