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E60 M5 to get the turbo treatment?

Have the German carmakers gone completely power-nuts? They sure have and nothing seems to be stopping them. New reports are stating that BMW has decided to pick up Audiís (RS6) glove and introduce the 2009 M5 with a twin-turbocharged version of the current 507 Hp 5.0-liter V10 engine that could easily surpass the RS6ís 580Hp.

MSN-Cars website supports that it may very well have proof of this through a series of spy pics featuring a faintly camouflaged BMW M5. And while one canít be 100 percent sure of what weíre seeing in the spy pics, we can only think of one good reason other than that BMW is trying out its forthcoming DSG transmission, and that is a revised engine.

Their main proof are the two extra black holes on the bumper they state are additional intakes. They looked taped on to me, but you never know!
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