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2008 535xi AWD acceleration question

I just bought an 08 535xi (6-speed manual) from a BMW dealership 3 days ago. I LOVE this car so far and it is mint and loaded. I specifically wanted a 6-speed because I used to have a 2011 328i which was also a stick. The 3 series was NOT AWD and was very smooth through every gear. The 08 I just picked up is quick but not smooth like the RWD 3 series. It seems to have a "miss" feeling or "pulsates" very slightly on hard acceleration. The car still moves perfectly and is fun as hell to drive. Is this due to the car being AWD? I've never had and AWD car before. The car has 76k but was dealership maintained with service records. It shows the spark plugs being changed back at around 50,000 miles. I'm just looking to see if anyone has any insight on this. I have the dealerships powertrain warranty for the next 3,000 miles or 3 months. Thanks!!