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'08 BMW 550i Dual Exhaust/ 3D Design Diffuser, aFe Pro5R Intake and Sprint Booster

This '08 550i came to us looking to gain a little extra performance and style and we were more than happy to lend a hand. After talking with the customer to figure out the best plan of attack a dual exhaust system from Eisenmann, a Sprint Booster and an aFe Pro 5R Intake were all ordered in to be installed. With the dual exhaust system we had to address the rear valance due to going from single to dual exhaust. To solve this a 3D Design Diffuser was ordered to not only add the needed dual openings but also to give the back of the 5 series a sportier look. Once the install started an issue came up with the exhaust due to the ARS system on the 550 and it was discovered that the Eisenmann exhaust was not going to work. In it's place a Remus system was rushed in and was used in place of the Eisenmann. The Remus system was not originally designed for the 550i but with a little work everything went into place perfectly and the 3D Design Diffuser was set in place to finish off the package. After that the aFe system was installed along with the Sprint Booster and the 550 was ready to roll.

Installed Parts:
Eisenmann Exhaust
Remus Exhaust
Sprint Booster
aFe Pro 5R Intake System
3D Design Diffuser

Ready to Go

aFe Intake System


Ready to Install aFe system


Cover on and Complete

Sprint Booster Going in

Eisenmann System

First Half on and Fitment issues are found

Fitment issue with Eisenmann and ARS System

Remus Exhaust in place

Clearance with the Remus cross-over pipe

Making the Remus fit *this would not have been needed to begin with but with the Eisenmann kit we had to cut at that spot*

Finshed up

Outside and ready to go

Side by side with an M5 we had at the shop

So question is...Factory M exhaust or Remus with the 3D Design Diffuser?

Click Here to see the complete build with 56 different images showing the build process.

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