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..::PSI::.. 2 Minute install of G-Power E60 M5 supercharger kit! Time lapse video!

Finally I decided it was time to post this video up on YouTube. We've been talking about it for a while now, and yeah, it's not "done" really. . .but I think everyone will still enjoy it. We were going to edit it a bunch more, and said, let's just post it finally.

This is our first attempt at "time-Lapse" so go easy on us; after all, we're a BMW performance shop, not directors . Toward the very very end we forgot to put new tapes in, so the car is not "finished" at the end. We also decided to do a method where the video camera took a 2 second video every minute. When we finished the install, we ended up with a TON of mini-DV tapes, and not really a fluid full video per se, but since we condensed it, it still looks alright. We have an installing coming up very shortly on an M6, which we plan on doing this again but in a different way. This is going to be bundled in with the whole package of delivery for the customer when they arrive at our shop for their newly transformed G-Power M5/M6.

This video represents approximately 200 hours of filming. In reality, there are more hours than that invested in these builds.