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While i was Still trying to decide what to do

I like my base and dont forget, No Ski hatch and 5" of rear seat between the subs and me so its got to be punchy.

1 X JL360/2 running the doors with the 4" and tweeter
1 X JL360/4 bridged running the Mid Base under the front seats.

what i have above is pleanty powerfull and will do the job.

And this arrived today

My Bit 10 and volume controler, this is going to be custom fitted in to the ashtry well as i dont smoke and it's not being used.

And then 2 off them arrived several weeks ago JL 12w6 subs.

A couple off weeks ago

The audio install is going slow, but its getting there. Due to the lack of depth where the OEM subs were under the seat i cant fit the 6.5 mid base speakers i wanted to fit so it looks like a more exspensive option and that is the JenArt replacement upgrade speakers are going in.

And I mentioned a new rear spoiler, that arrived so that has been fitted, picks below

BIT 10 Controller

This was done last week, the Bit 10 Controller was custom fitted in to the ash tray slot. I wanted it hidden but easily accessable so this was the ideal place to fit it. I dont smoke any way and dident use the ash tray for any thing else.

And at the start of this week The boot was starting to take shape, "O" Gage earth and power cables.

The 2nd battary is being stored above the sub box running of a split charge kit.

And the front of the box before it gets attached to the box, this is going to be nearly 40mm thick to support the subs as they are so heavy

And the M5 Mirrors on the car after being painted

And yesterday, the subb box all in there nice and snug ready for the 2 12W6 JL Subs

Happy reading

I hope you all like whats going on in my life