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Mega Update

Picture Heavy

1st, apologies every one for not posting sooner, I have been a little bizzy and enjoying my ride.

I recently replaced the fuel filter and the EGR thermostate for piece of mind, and have been doing a little buying on ebay for a rear spoiler and some M5 wing mirrors. Photo,s of all that to follow
But what has been going on is

Project Audio

A 3 way Morel set up in the front, removing the subs from under the seats and replacing them with a set of 6.5 mid base,

Replacing the door speakers and tweeters with morel 4" and tweeter set up

And in the boot 2 x 12" JL 12W6 subs in a custom inclosure and 4 JL Audio amps running every thing with a split charger set up.

There won't be much on display apart from the amps in the boot behind a perspect glass window.

I have already done the iPod integration using BMW,s own kit giving me full iPod control through the I-drive rather then getting a gateway 500. This was done at MStyle in the UK and they did the coding at same time.

Stage by stage picks to follow

The Boot has been cleared out ready for sound profing

And the sound profing starting to fill the boot

The sound profing did not stop there, the front and rear seat were removed and carpit lifted and the whole floor area has been sound profed.